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Top killerz, PVP null-sec corp!! ***NOW RECRUITING***

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:29 pm
ITAI is open for recruitment, have a read and contact us if ya interested...

Corp Name: I N E X T R E M I S

Seeking: PVP pilots who enjoy a good fight and enjoy the rewards of flying in null security space.
We do it all: small and large fleets, solo, whatever fills our killboard. Most of our corpies fly and use the full spectrum of ships used in Eve, following properly fitted doctrines. The newer PVPers learn how by doing it.
Want to learn how or to improve your PVP skills? Come to our part of Eve where you live and breath PVP!

Location: null sec (0.0) Tribute region, UMI-KK Solar System is our hood. We are an important fighting corp in the TNT Alliance and in the CFC/Imperium.

☼ ☼ We roam all through Eve: 0.0, low security, and hi-sec. We fight to keep our space. If idiots war dec us, we go hunt them and mess up their life. We occupy other systems while on deployments when required ☼ ☼

Note: I N E X T R E M I S, is a Latin phrase meaning "in the farthest reaches" or "at the point of death". Our corp name reflects what we love to do: fight to the death in a rich rewards region of space. "No pain... no gain". Where else can one have this much fun?

Members: plenty and growing ALL ACTIVE
We are truly international.. Aussies , Kiwis, Brits, 'Merikans, Snowbirds, Germans, Dutch even dudes from Iceland.
☼ ☼ All timezones... we don't care where your from as long as you enjoy yourself with your mates. ☼ ☼
☼ ☼ New Japanese Wing ☼ ☼
☼ ☼ Speak da english too mate! ☼ ☼

We are looking for self sufficient warriors when they are not fighting they enjoy Ratting, Plexing, and Missioning in a region of space that rewards risk.
We are looking for Team Players.
Some of our mates make isk using their PI and Industrial skills as well.
We make isk by the moon goo to reward our top warriors and to keep our taxes low.

To pay for alliance rent, we charge a 10% on ratting.

☼ ☼ Relaxed and laid back corps, but you better get your ass in fleets and on the killboard! ☼ ☼

To apply:
» FULL API key and user ID
» Killboard link, so we know your not scared to pew pew (good or bad stats as long as you are trying)
» TS3 downloaded with mic and speakers (headsets), and be logged in


☼ ☼ Expected to put KILLS on the killboard not losses, but no quota ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ Note: Players inactive for over a month (without prior warning) will be removed from our ranks. Harsh as it sounds but null sec living requires participation to survive in these "Bad Lands"☼ ☼

☼ ☼ DOTLAN ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ Contact: industrial oblitorator, Annexe, komugi koneko (Japanese Wing 日本の翼) cybercoder2 Shimaya, della glon☼ ☼

☼ ☼ Public Channel: OI OI OI ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ we are having fun in game and are laid back .. ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ No prententious bull**** or NO politics or NO c***heads (on comms) ...☼ ☼
☼ ☼ We have few blues and no reds...☼ ☼
☼ ☼ We are NBSI. (including HI SEC...lots of miners dock up when we come into town) ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ Come hang with us ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ If ya got questions hit me up or any of the lads or laddettes ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ We look forward to hearing from you! ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ We are very active members of TNT and the CFC ☼ ☼

☼ ☼ We are in the top killers within the alliance FACT ☼ ☼

*stolen from Ti'anna and edited*

Re: Top killerz, PVP null-sec corp!! ***NOW RECRUITING***

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:07 am
by industrial oblitorator